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Clamps In 1937 the first steel and fittings scaffold was introduced to replace the then traditional ooden scaffold. Since that time various new system or modular scaffolds have been eveloped but tube and coupler scaffold still forms a major and most important part of the arket. This is mainly due to the great flexibility and efficiency offered by this type of plant.

Changing legislation designed to promote improved health and safety has stimulated ngineering research to develop lighter, more efficient components, that can be erected in a horter time and require less maintenance.

These circumstances together with the continuing importance of the tube and coupler scaffold has led van hiel United to develop a new end to end tube connector. With the development of the new tube connector ollowing guide line were used:
it had to comply with the European EN-74 standard;
it had to work efficiently with the forthcoming lightweight section tube;
it should also be compatible with all the existing tubes in the market place;
it should provide for an increase in safety and ease of assembly even by less skilled operators.
The Result: the THIEL “TUBE-LOCK”
this technically interesting and useful coupler has a wide application, it exceeds all the current specified performance criteria and is Patent Pending.

Whilst the Thiel “Tube-Lock” is primarily designed to be assembled into new tubing, it can also be fitted into used tube, providing that it complies with the specification. If in service an existing tube needs to be shortened, both tube parts can in principle be completed again with a male and female part

The Thiel “Tube-Lock” integrates with almost all types of traditional outside scaffold ouplers and so allows for a step-by-step introduction into an existing tube inventory.

This method of staged integration will allow any company to plan expenditure along with eed and cash flow.

Less loose components also mean less headaches caused by planning the right quantity of material to be assigned to a Logistics.

RINGER – FORMWORK proved in use on millions of square metres

lightweight – fast – stable – low costs

decisive advantages when purchase - discount, consultation support, rent possibility

expanding Dealers Net in Russia and post-soviet countries



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